About the Imam Haron Foundation

About the Imam Haron Foundation

This is a commemorative site set up by members of the Haron family and close community members in order to share aspects of his humble life with the communities not only in South Africa but also in other parts of the world; raise public awareness of the role he played in the Cape community; and teach the current generation about the lives of individuals such as the Imam who dedicated themselves to attain and uphold justice and to always speak and practice the truth.




Designed to deepen understanding of the dynamics of social injustice and communal oppression at the individual, group, cultural, religious and other systems levels

Done through the lens of unequal socio-political & economic structures that exist within South Africa’s contemporary neo-liberal landscape.


To be a pro-active centre that supports the promotion and implementation of social justice at all levels in the South African society


To promote a better understanding of, and more informed debate about, the nature of social justice in Southern Africa, particularly in relation to social and public policy.

To foster a just and compassionate community as well as a just and considerate South African service system - through social justice advocacy, research and education.


For activists, theorists and other interested stakeholders to share their expertise, collaborate on research projects, and publicize their work to the broader academic activists community and civil society.


Makes connections & build bridges in order to provide a unique opportunity for intellectual exchange on a subject of fundamental socio-political significance and offer services to the community.


To identify areas of social justice concern within the Western Cape community, and to encourage local government as well as community agencies to develop policies and programs which work to bring about and restore justice;
To advance the Western Cape’s public understanding of social justice issues through advocacy activities which stimulate discussion among stakeholders such as policy makers and the media;
To appraise the policies and practices in South Africa in general and the Western Cape in particular from a social justice perspective and use these to build a service culture which treats all people with respect and dignity.


To undertake research on social justice issues which is people-centred and supportive of the centre’s mission.
To collect and analyze data collected by South African institutions and agencies that will assist to inform the centre’s thinking and positions on social justice and policy.


To examine how public policy is implicated in social justice for different groups throughout the life course;
To study how inequalities of resources stemming from people's relationship to the labour market, & how income and wealth impinge unjustly on life chances in various spheres;
To scrutinize the dynamics of race and racism; and
To investigate how social injustice can arise from differences of status, power and resources amongst diverse social and cultural groups within the Western Cape (rural-urban) society.


To provide leadership on as well as raising awareness of social justice matters in all sectors in and beyond the Greater Cape Town region.
To advance and promote ethical decision-making and practice in the Western Cape and instill this culture among all its stakeholders.
To offer training and consultancy on social justice issues at different levels in and beyond the Western Cape.

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